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Symposium on Rethinking Sociology, Postcolonialism, and Pragmatism


'PROBLEM-SOLVING SOCIAL THEORY: RETHINKING SOCIOLOGY, POSTCOLONIALISM, and PRAGMATISM' will be held at the University of Edinburgh, on Friday 5 May 2023. It is organised by Steve Kemp and Ipek Demir


Welcome: 9.30-9.45

Session 1: 9.45-11.15
Chair: Steve Kemp
Gregor McLennan
Sarah Irwin
Sue Scott
Zenon Bankowski
Therese O’Toole

Tea & Coffee 11.15-11.45

Session 2: 11.45-13.15
Chair: Gurminder K. Bhambra
Lucy Mayblin
Justin Cruickshank
Ipek Demir
John Narayan
Christian Karner

Lunch 13.15-14.30

Session 3: 14.30-15.30
Chair: Desmond King
Nasar Meer
Jan Balon
Steve Kemp

Tea & Coffee 15.30-16.00

Panel: 16.00-17.45
Julia O’Connell Davidson (Chair)
Graham Crow
Wendy Bottero
William Outhwaite
Russell Keat
Lynn Jamieson
John Holmwood (Response)

Thank you for the financial support provided by the  School of Social and Political Science, University of Edinburgh, CERS, and Discover Society.