International Profile

Our first ever conference on Institutional Racism in Higher Education was held in July 2002.

Two years later, our centre organised the annual BSA Race and Ethnicity Study Group conference entitled Racist Futures.

Then, in 2006, we held a major international three day conference on Racism, Postcolonialism and Europe, jointly co-organised with the Institute for Postcolonial Studies.

A European leader

The Centre for Ethnicity and Racism Studies is a European leader in race and housing.

We completed a comparative 15-countries analysis of housing and ‘race’ for the European Union Monitoring Centre On Racism and Xenophobia in Vienna.

Head of Research John Wrench later confirmed our analysis had impact on the EU’s recognition of persisting discrimination and segregation (Comparative analysis of discrimination and racism in housing, 2005, with Law and Phillips).

A global outlook

Sayyid’s internationally-recognised work on racism, Muslim studies and postcolonialism indicate an emerging strength in this field, with outputs such as A Postcolonial People (2006) and international invitations to conferences and symposiums in Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Portugal, Spain, Turkey and the United States.

Tzanelli’s work on historical and contemporary intersections of nationalism and racism in Europe, global commodifications of ‘racial’ identities and migration in Southeastern Europe is also gaining in reputation.

She has published in Ethnic and Racial Studies (2006), Media, Culture and Society (2006) and Nations and Nationalism (2007). She also has a monograph The Cinematic Tourist: Explorations in Globalization, Culture and Resistance (2007) in print, and another approaching completion (Palgrave-Macmillan 2008).

Other major projects include Hussain and Bagguley’s British Academy-funded research on the urban ‘riots’ in 2001, with presentations given in France, Italy and Spain.

Prestigious Book Launch

Dr S.Sayyid, Reader in the School of Sociology and Social Policy was invited to the House of Commons for the launch of his co-edited book entitled ‘Thinking Through Islamophobia’. The event was chaired by Sadiq Khan MP, Shadow Lord Chancellor, and supported by the Muslim Council of Britain. The launch had over 100 guests with contributors and members from voluntary, political and academic organizations. This thought-provoking anthology provides a global and conceptual enquiry into the phenomenon of Islamophobia and is regarded as a critical and timely collection of essays which contributes to our understanding of both the emergence and deployment of the concept. It was celebrated as a pioneering text which effectively unpicks and unravels the complex debates surrounding this hotly debated topic.