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Centre for Ethnicity and Racism Studies

Working Papers

Chinese Action Research Project: household needs, public services and community organisations

Chinese pupils’ experiences within British and American educational contexts

Race, Local Press and the General Election, 2005: the West Yorkshire Case Study

The Racism Reduction Agenda: building the framework, signposting good practice and learning the lessons

The Racism Reduction Agenda: research findings

Greek apprentices and European patrons: the dialogics of self-presentation

Unpaid Debts and Duties: hegemony, reciprocity and resistance in Greek-European cultural exchange

Orienting ‘Italy’: Italian identity and the culture industry in Captain Corelli’s Mandolin (2001)

White Slavery Echoes: Sikh ‘girls’ and Forced Conversions

Stuck in the middle or working the boundaries? The relationship between researching ‘race’ and gender and developing diversity policy

Struggling to ‘be Diverse’ in Adult and Community Learning: Radical Educational Leadership and Racialised ‘Outsiders’ ‘Within’

Country Report on Education: United Kingdom

Country Report on Ethnic Relations: United Kingdom

Ethnic Differences in Education in England: Survey Report

Issues of Ethnicity as Contextualised in Contemporary Britain – Occasional Paper

Tolerance: Work package 1 – National/Regional Public Policies and Discourses on Integration and Anti-Racism

Tolerance: Workpackage 1 – The historicity of tolerance and (anti-)racism – Working paper 1: Do Post-Racials Dream of White Sheep

Situating Racist Hostility and Understanding the Impact of Racist Victimisation in Leeds

Ethnic Differences in Education and Diverging Prospects for Urban Youth in an Enlarged Europe

Talk the Talk, Walk the Walk: Defining Critical Race Theory in Research

Dispositions to race and racism online

The anthropology of dark tourism: Exploring the contradictions of capitalism

The heritage of wars: The Roots of museums

Discussing the methodological inconsistencies of tourism research

Tourist Risk Research and Ethnocentrism

Civility and Progress: Envisaging Cosmopolitanism in the Islands of Mamma Mia! (2008)

Tourism and curiosity: The quest of “Otherness”

Reviewing the concept of hospitality in a contemporary world

Exploring the contradictions of why the nations fail, the dark side of capitalism

Reconfiguring ‘sustainability’ in Mumbai: From environmental racism to digital governmobilities after Slumdog Millionaire

WHAT IS TERRORISM Understanding the dark night of Paris 2015

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