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NameSchoolAreas of expertise
Professor Ipek Demir, CERS DirectorSchool of Sociology and Social Policydiaspora, migration, transnationalism, ethnic identity, race, nationalism, Global South, indigeneity, politics of knowledge, epistemology
Professor Paul BagguleySchool of Sociology and Social Policyprotest and social movements, racism and ethnicity studies, employment and social theory
Dr Roxana BarbulescuSchool of Sociology and Social Policymigration and citizenship, migrant integration, ethnic and racial minorities, anti-discrimination, European Union studies, human rights in migration studies, mobility and freedom of movement, Roma people and Central and European mobility, investment migration, minority empowerment  and community studies
Dr Fozia BoraSchool of Languages, Cultures and SocietiesIntersections between ethnicity/religious affiliation/class/gender
Dr Nick CartwrightSchool of Lawcritical race theory; inclusive pedagogy; race and identity; critical race pedagogy; critical legal studies; discrimination law; human rights
Dr Alex ChelegeerSchool of Sociology and Social PolicyChinese studies, ethnic minorities in China, the sociology of ethnicity, nationalism and national identity, migration, media and cultural studies, postcolonialism
Dr Vien CheungSchool of Designcolour: association, culture, wellbeing, individuality, diversity, internationality
Dr Ines Cordeiro da Silva DiasSchool of Languages, Cultures and Societieslusophone studies, transnationalism, black cinema, liberation cinema, marginalised communities
Dr Jonathan DeanSchool of Politics and International Studiesleft politics, critical theory, gender and race, popular culture
Dr Andrew DelatollaSchool of Languages, Cultures and Societiesrace, racialization, standards of civilisation, global hierarchies
Dr Marketa DolezalovaBusiness Schoolmigration, mobility, Roma, ethnicity, citizenship, nationalism, anthropology of the state, care, religion, well-being
Professor Gary DymskiBusiness School race/ethnicity/racism in the US, race/ethnicity and urban development in the UK & race and redlining and discrimination in UK credit markets
Dr Eva FrojmovicSchool of Fine Art, History of art and Cultural Studiesantisemitism
Professor Shahla GhobadiBusiness School activism in relation to ethnicity, business networks in relation to ethnicity
Professor Yasmin HussainSchool of Sociology and Social Policyethnicity, racism, gender
Dr Simon JoyceBusiness School work, employment, labour studies, worker organisation, platform economy, gig work, labour history, social theory, Marxism
Dr Shaheen Kattiparambil School of Sociology and Social Policy decoloniality, critical Muslim studies, Indian Muslim, Islamism, Islamophobia, Hindutva, fascism
Dr Helen KimSchool of Media and Communicationdiaspora, race/ethnicity, urban multiculture, popular culture, ethnography, postcolonial studies
Dr Yoshiharu KobayashiSchool of Politics and International Studiesforeign policy, borders, migration, public opinion, health
Dr Cindy MaSchool of Media and Communicationcritical race studies, cultural studies, political discourse, sociotechnical systems, social media, White supremacy
Dr Nasir MahmoodSchool of Educationrace, religion, ethnicity and gender in the UK’s educational and social contexts
Professor Seán McLoughlinSchool of Philosophy, Religion and History of Scienceculture, ethnicity, religion, politics, governance, migration, diaspora, transnationalism, pilgrimage, multiculturalism, Islam, Muslims
Professor Ghazala MirSchool of MedicineHealth and social inequalities in relation to minority ethnic and religious communities, women and people with learning disability. Social inclusion; Public service development; Inclusive global health policy and practice
Dr Hizer Ali MirSchool of Sociology and Social Policycritical Muslim studies, decolonial, orientalism, racism, Islamic sociology, Alt Right, transgression, religion, secularism
Dr Olive NabukeeraSchool of Languages, Cultures and Societiespositioning theory, race, ethnicity and language education, Black teacher identity, critical applied linguistics/ TESOL, English for Academic Purposes
Professor Thea PitmanSchool of Languages, Cultures and SocietiesIndigenous studies, Latin America, new media, digital culture
Dr Claudia RadivenSchool of Sociology and Social PolicyIslamophobia, decoloniality, critical Muslim studies
Professor Jose Pina SanchezSchool of Lawestimating ethnic disparities in criminal justice settings, developing new causal approaches to estimate the origin of ethnic disparities.
Dr Megan RobertsonSchool of Philosophy, Religion and the History of Science (PRHS)religion, sexuality, race, performance art, cultural production, Africa
Dr Dibyadyuti RoySchool of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies Peopledigital racism; algorithmic bias; race, ethnicity in/and critical cultural studies; media representations of caste; postcolonial masculinities; decolonial pedagogies
Dr Maria RoviscoSchool of Sociology and Social Policycitizenship, arts, cosmopolitanism, performance, social movements, conviviality, migrant arts, asylum, visual culture, globalisation
Professor Anamik SahaSchool of Media and Communicationrace, media and culture, the politics of diversity, urban multiculture, race and cultural production
Professor S. SayyidSociology and Social Policydecolonial thought, rhetoric, poststructuralist political theory, critical Muslim studies, Islamophobia studies, comparative historical sociology
Dr Katharina SchmollSchool of Media and Communicatoncitizenship and belonging, critical Muslim studies, Muslims and Islamophobia in Europe, gender, media, Middle East and North Africa
Dr Mustapha SheikhSchool of Languages, Cultures and Societiesinter alia Islamophobia, Muslim consumer behaviour, critical Muslim studies, Orientalism, decoloniality
Dr Jasjit SinghSchool of Philosophy, Religion and the History of Science (PRHS)religion and race, religion and media, religious transmission, transnational religion, religion in diaspora, religion and representation, religion and racialization
Dr Dhanveer Singh BrarSchool of Historyrace and cultural studies, race and critical theory, Black studies, postcolonial studies
Dr Lone SorensenSchool of Media and Communicatoncommunication strategies of populists and rightwing extremists, post-truth and mis/disinformation as it relates to race/ethnicity, conspiracy theory
Dr Li SunSchool of Sociology and Social Policyrural-urban migration, urbanisation, social protection, informal housing, China
Dr Richard TavernierSchool of Sociology and Social Policycritical mixed race studies, critical whiteness studies, critical race theory, Black political activism & racial justice, widening participation, decolonising the curriculum, asylum & refugee studies and social welfare
Dr Lisa ThorleySchool of Politics and International Studiesdecolonial thought, Global South, gender-intersectionality, dual heritage
Dr Rodanthi TzanelliSchool of Sociology and Social Policydecoloniality as an epistemological frame, decolonisation as an ontological condition
Dr Abel UgbaSchool of Sociology and Social Policytransnational religion, migrant religiosity, media and migration, media and religion
Dr Lorna WaddingtonSchool of HistoryHolocaust and genocide studies
Professor Aylwyn WalshSchool of Performance and Cultural Industriesprotest and social movements, activism, performance, antiracism, co-produced methodologies, racism and ethnicity studies, intersectionality, Global South
Professor Annie (Yingqi) WeiBusiness Schooldiaspora investment in country-of-origin, Returnee Entrepreneurship, the role of returnee in international knowledge transfer