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NameAreas of expertise
Dr Lorna WaddingtonHolocaust and genocide studies
Dr Helen Kim
Dr Jasjit Singhreligion and race; religion and media; religious transmission; transnational religion; religion in diaspora; religion and representation; religion and racialization
Dr Lisa ThorleyDecolonial thought- Global South- Gender-Intersectionality- Dual heritage.
Dr Eva FrojmovicAntisemitism
Assoc Prof Shahla Ghobadi Activism in relation to ethnicity/Business networks in relation to ethnicity
Dr Vien Cheungcolour: association, culture, wellbeing, individuality, diversity, internationality
Dr Yingqi WeiDiaspora investment in country-of-origin, Returnee Entrepreneurship, the role of returnee in international knowledge transfer
Dr Jonathan Dean
Dr Simon PrideauxMigration, Black Lives Matter, Indigenous Struggle, (Institutional) Discrimination
Claudia RadivenIslamophobia, Decoloniality, Critical Muslim Studies
Dr Arunima Bhattacharyamigrant refugee narratives, imperial cities and Indian ocean migrations, transnationalism, state and anthropology, citizenship and mobility, race and ethnicity
Dr Rodanthi Tzanelli
Dr Ipek Demir, CERS Directordiaspora, migration, transnationalism, ethnic identity, race, nationalism, Global South, indigeneity, politics of knowledge, epistemology
Dr Paul Bagguleyprotest and social movements, racism and ethnicity studies, employment and social theory
Dr Roxana Barbulescumigration and citizenship, migrant integration, ethnic and racial minorities, anti-discrimination, European Union Studies, human rights in migration studies, mobility and freedom of movement, Roma people and Central and European mobility, investment migration, minority empowerment  and community studies
Dr Marketa Dolezalovamigration, mobility, Roma, ethnicity, citizenship, nationalism, anthropology of the state, care, religion, well-being
Prof Adrian Favellinternational migration, mobilities, integration, multiculturalism, cosmopolitanism, cities, freedom of movement, citizenship, race and ethnicity in North America, Europe and East Asia
Dr Pilar Serrano-Gallardomigration and health; social health inequalities; vulnerable populations; gender and health
Dr Yasmin Hussainethnicity, racism, gender
Emeritus Professor Ian Lawracism, racialisation, ethnicity and public policy, global studies
Dr Hizer Ali MirCritical Muslim Studies, decolonial, orientalism, racism, Islamic sociology, Alt Right, transgression, religion, secularism
Dr Maria Roviscocitizenship, arts, cosmopolitanism, performance, social movements, conviviality, migrant arts, asylum, visual culture, globalisation
Prof S. Sayyiddecolonial thought, rhetoric, poststructuralist political theory, critical Muslim studies, Islamophobia Studies, comparative historical sociology
Dr Li Sunrural-urban migration, urbanisation, social protection, informal housing, China
Dr Richard TavernierCritical Mixed Race Studies; Critical Whiteness Studies; Critical Race Theory; Black Political Activism & Racial Justice; Widening Participation; Decolonizing the Curriculum; Asylum & Refugee Studies and Social Welfare
Dr Abel Ugbatransnational religion, migrant religiosity, media and migration, media and religion