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Critical Muslim Studies (CMS) Online Colloquium II


Call for Papers

Critical Muslim Studies Online Colloquium II

Submission Deadline: 31 October 2022

Starting date: TBC, November 2022

Surviving in modern academia requires collective work and effort. The Critical Muslim Studies Colloquium offers a collaborative/supportive space for conversations about challenging topics and questions.

The Critical Muslim Studies Colloquium was introduced in September 2021 and is hosted by the Centre for Ethnicity and Racism Studies (University of Leeds). The Colloquium was initiated to build on and expand discussions from the third Critical Muslim Studies Workshop held in June 2021. The workshop showed a great potential in the exchange with peers from around the world who work on related topics and/or share similar epistemological commitments to what is outlined in ReOrient: A Forum for Critical Muslim Studies. The Colloquium has been conceived to accommodate this potential and provide a safe space in which ideas and writing can be tested and revised in conversation with allies and critical peers. Furthermore, such a network strengthens the endeavour to challenge dominant narratives of white supremacy and Eurocentrism, tropes of Orientalism and coloniality, and approaches of foundationalism and essentialism.

Building on the first year’s success and insights from the recent 1st international conference of Critical Muslim Studies on ‘Reorienting the Post-Western’, this year’s Colloquium aims to advance its task by expanding the community of researchers in the field and enhancing collaborations. Crucially, this year’s Colloquium is aimed at leading to publications in Critical Muslim Studies related sources such as ReOrientations Blog, ReOrient: The Journal of Critical Muslim Studies, or Islamophobia Studies Journal.* To this end, the Colloquium is structured as an extended workshop that takes place on a monthly basis. In each meeting, 1-2 members present their work in progress which is followed by a discussant response and then a discussion amongst all participants. To facilitate the discussion and publication process, presenters are required to submit a short piece of 1000-1500 words one week before their presentation to be shared with the discussant and other Colloquium members. In case members are still working on drafts or hesitant to share unpublished work, they can nominate a short piece (blog post, short article, etc.) which helps to understand their approach, or which they take as a starting point to write with or against.

The Colloquium takes place online to accommodate the attendance of members from all around the world. Spaces will be limited in order to facilitate a productive conversation.

If you are interested in joining the Critical Muslim Studies Colloquium, please fill out the form in the link below by 31 October 2022. The time and date will be decided according to the form and shared with all selected members two weeks after the deadline.


For any queries, please contact: Johanna Loock (, Dr Sümeyye Sakarya (  (On behalf of the Critical Muslim Studies Colloquium Advisory Board).

*Publication depends on the peer-review processes of the respective outlets.