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Languaged in Place Event Prof Phipps and Roundtable with CERS members


CERS members Professor Thea Pitman and Professor S. Sayyid are speaking on a roundtable panel following a public lecture by Professor Alison Phipps (University of Glasgow and UNESCO Chair in Refugee Integration through Language and the Arts).

Professor Phipps will discuss the ways in which the challenges of decoloniality affect the work of researching, learning and teaching languages, and the ways in which languages can contribute to peace-enabling environments.

Date: 24th of April 2023

Time: 16:00-18:00

Location: Clothworkers South Building LT2 (3:04)

Round-table panel:

Salman Sayyid, professor of Social Theory & Decolonial Thought; Diane Nelson, senior lecturer in Linguistics and founding member of the Centre for Endangered Languages, Cultures and Ecosystems; Maggie Kubanyiova, professor of Language Education and leader of the ETHER project; Thea Pitman, professor of Latin American studies specialising in indigenous cultures, decolonial approaches and popular cultures; Lata Narayanaswamy, associate professor in the Politics of Global Development, specialising in how knowledge is actualised as a driver of development in both discourse and practice.

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