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New publication from Barbulescu et al. on Integration-Citizenship Nexus


Associate Professor Roxana Barbulescu latest publication, a collected edition examining the Integration-Citizenship Nexus.

Barbulescu R; Wallace Goodman S; Pedroza L (eds.) 2023. Revising the Integration-Citizenship Nexus in Europe: Sites, Policies, and Bureaucracies of Belonging. 1. IMISCOE Research Series. Springer


This book critically re-examines the theoretical and empirical interconnections between integration and citizenship, specifically, naturalisation. With new, empirical-grounded analyses of what we term 'citizenship-integration nexus' the central, shared contribution is showcasing how membership is informally achieved through everyday integration —usually around, but sometimes in spite of, formal citizenship requirements. By providing evidence of a nexus disjuncture, the book contributes to critical dialogues on immigrant integration and political incorporation, relevant for policymakers, civil society actors, and academics alike.