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Demir's new book chapter on coloniality of gender, class and migration


Demir, Ipek (2023)’ The Challenge that Race and Coloniality Present to the Teaching of Sociology: A Discussion of Coloniality of Gender, Coloniality of Class and Coloniality of Migration’ in Teaching Political Sociology, William Outhwaite and Larry Ray (eds.), Elgar.


This chapter aims to examine the challenges as well as opportunities race and coloniality present to sociology teaching, curricula and canons. Through an examination of various sociological categories relevant for contemporary political sociology such as modernity, gender, class and migration, the chapter provides examples and analysis of how our central sociological categories and concepts can be decolonised and the further rigour this can bring to the sociological canon and curricula. The chapter examines the modernity/coloniality nexus, and concepts such as ‘coloniality of gender’, ‘coloniality of class’ and ‘coloniality of migration’. As such the chapter reveals how race and coloniality could and should shift our understanding and teaching of central sociological categories and concepts rather than be treated as an additive, a condiment or be locked into the margins.

Keywords: race, coloniality, modernity, coloniality of gender, coloniality of race, coloniality of migration