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White Rose Collaboration critically examines the UK-Rwanda Partnership


Our White Rose Collaboration Network examines 'The UK-Rwanda Partnership as the ‘End of Asylum’: Externalising Borders, Offshoring and Resistance’. It is led by Dr Joe Turner (University of York) and also by Dr Lucy Mayblin (University of Sheffield lead) and Professor Ipek Demir (CERS, University of Leeds lead).

The fourth event of this White Rose Collaboration Network on the UK-Rwanda partnership will take place in York on 17 June 2024 and will focus on resistance. Previous three meetings were held at the University of Sheffield (Launch Meeting, March 2023), University of Leeds on 'Colonial Histories of Externalisation and Offshoring' (September 2023) and University of Sheffield on 'The Global Politics of Border Externalisation and Offshoring' (January 2024). The theme of the fourth event on 17 June 2024 at York is 'Borders, Resistance and Abolition'.

The event will host a number of speakers on this topic, including, for example Nadine El-Enany, Fizza Qureshi (Migrants Rights Network), Chris Webster (PAFRAS AND Football for All (Yorkshire St Pauli) and Emmanuel Achiri (ENAR).


The event will take place during Refugee Week.

Please also note, following the event, there will be a public event organised by Simon Parker and Sara de Jong. You can register for that public event here: