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Policy Briefing: Migrant Roma, the EU Settlement Scheme & Challenges

The deadline for applying to the EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS) passed at the end of June 2021. The closure of the UK’s EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS) poses new challenges for migrant Roma in the UK and could further increase existing inequalities, create barriers to work for Roma, and contribute to ongoing marginalisation. This research and policy document by Dr Markéta Doležalová (CERS, University of Leeds), Dr Roxana Barbulescu (CERS, University of Leeds), Dr Noreen Mirza (University of Manchester), Mr Nicu Ion (Councillor in Elswick, Newcastle) examines the the likely future challenges for migrant Roma in the UK in relation to the scheme.

Overview: (1) EU Settlement Scheme requires EU citizens to prove they have settled or pre-settled status to continue to work and access services in the UK; (2) Interviews with 15 local and national organisations that support Roma identified that Roma faced particular challenges with applying due to language barriers, digital access and COVID-19 restrictions; (3) Roma will face similar challenges with proving their status, transitioning to settled status or making a late application and would benefit from ongoing frontline support; (4) Difficulties with obtaining and proving their status could create significant barriers to work. Support measures would improve access to work and accommodation, and reduce inequalities.
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