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NameSchoolAreas of expertise
Rehab AlotaibiSchool of Sociology and Social Policysocial media and its impact on social change on women's rights in Saudi society
Gabriela Arriagada BruneauSchool of Philosophy, Religion and History of Sciencedecolonisation, feminism, and racism
Kheira ArroucheSchool of Sociology and Social Policyreflexive migration studies, im-mobility processes, migration facilitation, trans-nationalism, irregular migration, race and migration
Alexander AylwardSchool of Philosophy, Religion and the History of Science (PRHS)history of eugenics, history of biology, history of race science
Shirley BarrettSchool of Sociology and Social Policyethnic minorities in Britain, breaking down stereotypes, equality and diversity, strategies of engagement; Gypsy, Traveller, Romany and Roma communities and positive relationship development with sedentary community
Izram ChaudrySchool of Sociology and Social PolicyIslamophobia, Critical Race Theory (CRT), microaggressions
Alex ChelegeerSchool of Sociology and Social PolicyChina study, Mongolian MINZU, everyday ethnicity, ethnic nationality, nationalism, grounded theory
Sreya DattaSchool of EnglishAfrican literature, Indian Ocean studies, critical theory, race and decolonisation
Enze HeSchool of Sociology and Social PolicyChinese studies, national identity, ethnicity and migration
Shareefa FadhelSchool of Sociology and Social Policydecolonial discourse, CMS, women, social policy, political-economy, Middle East, Arabian Gulf
Huang JinruSchool of Politics and International Studiesethnic assimilation, national identification, Islamophobia, Muslim, Muslim in China
Shaheen Kattiparambildecoloniality, critical Muslim studies, Indian Muslim, Islamism, Islamophobia, Hindutva, fascism
Dorota KordeckaSchool of Sociology and Social Policyglobalisation, transnationalism, cohesion, integration, social identity, cooperation, autonomy and self-organised systems
Evie LewisSchool of Englishmigration, borders, refugees and asylum, postcolonial literature; decolonisation, multilingualism and translation
Johanna LoockSchool of Sociology and Social Policyparadoxes of citizenship, German integration politics, Islam politics, processes of racialisation, Islamophobia, Islam in Europe, secularism, (re)construction of national identity, subtle nationalism
Mona MakinejadSchool of Sociology and Social Policyrefugee studies, decoloniality, racism and ethnicity, migrant integration
Nazli ÖnderSchool of Geographydiaspora identity, belonging, transnationalism, long-distance nationalism
Isla PatersonSchool of Languages, Cultures and Societiesfrancophone literature and studies, transnationalism, gender
Sangeeta RaniSchool of Educationintersections between gender, race, and belonging, culture, identity, and community
Sümeyye SakaryaSchool of Sociology and Social Policysocial and political theory, Islam and politics, religion and politics, Islamism, Critical Muslim Studies
Ayesha SiddikaSchool of Sociology and Social Policyrefugee crisis, forced migration, humanitarian crisis
Tamanda WalkerSchool of Philosophy, Religion and History of Scienceintersection of race and religion, faith, spirituality, belief and theology and social life from decolonial perspective
Tesfalem YemaneSchool of Sociology and Social Policyasylum destinations, politics of migration control, international-migration relations, development aid and securitization of migration, ‘integration of migrants’, decoloniality in international relations and peace studies.