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NameAreas of expertise
Rehab Alotaibisocial media and its impact on social change on women's rights in Saudi society
Izram ChaudryIslamophobia; Critical Race Theory (CRT); microaggressions
Alex ChelegeerChina study, Mongolian MINZU, everyday ethnicity, ethnic nationality, nationalism, grounded theory
Shareefa FadhelDecolonial Discourse, CMS, Women, Social Policy, Political-Economy, Middle East, Arabian Gulf
Shaheen Kattiparambildecoloniality, critical Muslim studies, Indian Muslim, Islamism, Islamophobia, Hindutva, fascism
Dorota Kordeckaglobalisation, transnationalism, cohesion, integration, social identity, cooperation, autonomy and self-organised systems
Johanna LoockParadoxes of citizenship, German integration politics, Islam politics, processes of racialisation, Islamophobia, Islam in Europe, secularism, (re)construction of national identity, subtle nationalism