A PGR-led seminar series, “Decolonising Forced Migration: Political (Un)-Intelligibility, Reflexivity, & ‘Epistemological Agency’", begins 24 November 2020 and runs until July 2021. Organisers include CERS members Tesfalem Yemane and Kheira Arrouche.

Dr Maria Rovisco hosted an online conversation with Alex Chisholm of Freedom Studios, Bradford, on 28 October 2020, about the ways in which theatre can positively transform the lives of people seeking sanctuary. The conversation was part of InterCultured Festival’s InterCommunity Talks. Watch a recording of the conversation on the Intercultured Festival...

A new ESRC-funded research project, "Feeding the Nation: seasonal migrant workers and food security during the COVID-19 pandemic", has launched. Congratulations to Dr Roxana Barbulescu, Centre for Ethnicity and Racism (CERS) at the University of Leeds (PI) and Dr. Carlos Vargas-Silva of the Centre on Migration Policy and Society at the University of Oxford (Co-I) who will lead the study.

Congratulations to Shirley Barrett, a doctoral student in CERS, who has been selected to receive The British Citizen Award in October 2020 for her contribution to bridging gaps in society between the Gypsy Romany Community and sedentary community, particularly in relation to domestic violence.

The ESRC Northern Exposure project will welcome Shamim Miah, Pete Sanderson and Paul Thomas to present their new book: ‘Race’, Space and Multiculturalism in Northern England, The (M62) Corridor of Uncertainty in an online seminar on 21 October 2020, 12-2pm.