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Hate Crime: our work

Hate crime: New challenges and developing app to improve reporting in the West Yorkshire region and in the country

Professor Adrian Favell and Dr Roxana Barbulescu have partnered with Stop Hate UK, a leading charity on hate crime in order to better understand the challenges of the recent rise of hate motivated crime and incidents across Britain. In January 2018, the Commission on Diversity in the North organised a working session with its members and the wider public which focused on understanding trends on hate crime. Dr Roxana Barbulescu gave a talk on the New Challenges of Tackling Hate Crime in the UK

Download "New Challenges in tackling hate crime in UK" (pdf), File Download

Together with Stop Hate UK, we have worked together on an app to remove barriers to and improve reporting of hate crime in West Yorkshire. The App helps witnesses and those targeted because of their identity, throughout West Yorkshire, to report incidents of Hate Crime, whether you are a victim of Hate Crime, you have witnessed incident you believe to be a Hate Crime or you are a third party to an incident that could be a Hate Crime.

More information is available on the Stop Hate UK website

The App is available on Android and IOS platforms by going to Google Play or the Apple App Store and searching for ‘Stop Hate UK’

Stop Hate are a leading UK organisation, providing support to people affected by hate crimes and incidents for 23 years. Stop Hate UK have provided 24 hour support to people who have been affected by hate crime since 2006. They use their strong evidence base, rooted in the experience of people affected by hate crime, to develop innovative projects and programmes, raise awareness and improve policy and practice to tackle Hate Crime. Stop Hate UK was established in 1995 and is a Registered Charity, Company Limited by Guarantee and Social Enterprise.